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This companyscan provides you with insight in to 3 important domains of your organisation:
Mission & Vision, Culture & Leadership and Strategy & Structure
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Our organisations Mission and Vision is...
what I know that people want and what I support.

Drag the compass to the answer that fits the most.

The primary goal of our organization is ...
to generate wealth.
Important strategic decisions...
are rarely, if ever, supported by all managers.
During an event involving the entire organization, your employees...
like to network with other colleagues.
If employees encounter a challenge in their job, they ...
try to solve it themselves first.
This is how we see at mistakes:
mistakes are there to help us learn and grow.
A project appears to be very complex. How is it tackled?
The project members all work together.
The employees of my organization ...
receive clear guidelines on what the objectives are and how they can achieve them.
In the composition of teams I, as a manager, stimulate...
the team to show their unique character and characteristics.
the team to show their unique character and characteristics.
the commitment of each employee individually
Tasks and decisions in my organization ...
do not necessarily reflect the business strategy.
The decision power within a department is taken ...
after consultation with all stakeholders.
Employees are in direct contact with managers or senior management:
regularly (weekly / monthly)
If an employee has an idea that requires the cooperation of someone from another department, then ...
employees respect the organization chart.
As a manager, I spend the majority of my time on ...
strategic and future-oriented plans.
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What do our clients say?

If you perform a SWOT analysis, it quickly gets bogged down in a top-down exercise with one pointing to the other. You can be assisted by external, neutral parties but unfortunately, often you get so much information about you that you do not know where to start afterwards. CompanyWise promised us a step-by-step approach with adjustments and guidance, adapted to our needs. With their tailor-made approach you are presented with solution that is a perfect fit for your organisation. As a result of the workshops, problems surfaced and we got a clear picture of the strengths and the weaknesses. Later we started a number of projects. We implemented these ourselves because, thanks to the help of Sarah-Jane and Frieda from CompanyWise, everyone was on the same page and heading in the same direction. We had full internal support for these projects. During the workshops, Sarah-Jane and Frieda presented us a clearer image of ourselves. This was sometimes confrontational but always constructive. We wanted to create an evolution in our organization. Thanks to the CompanyWise approach, it was not a revolution. We give our projects time and stick to our goals. We face our many challenges problems ourselves and do not always expect the solution from the head office or management. It feels very good to to contribute proactively in the shaping of your organization. I definitely recommend CompanyWise to my clients. We knew what we started and got what we hoped for.  

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An organization can grow so fast that the risk of 'laggards' is high. This also makes it  extra difficult in welcoming newcomers to the team. How do you transfer the corporate culture? And how do you keep everyone on board? CompanyWise had the solution. Thanks to the professional workshops, our team spirit was made tangible and strengthened. We were provided with valuable tools so that growth was nurtured at all levels. Even at difficult times, Sarah-Jane gave us expert guidance so that this did not negatively affect our success. On the contrary, it has only strengthened our team spirit. From day one, our new employees are inspired to contribute to our mission. In one year our company has not only doubled in volume, turnover and profit, but also in experience, stability, awareness and connection.

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How can we create growth within a company with various cultures, influences and where people flourish? How can we learn to connect to others by getting to know ourselves?  How can we look forward and work together? We struggled with these questions and sought external help to guide us in this. The focused approach of CompanyWise was eye-catching. They provided us with mapped-out programs, personal coaching and a lot of professional knowledge. Their calm approach supports each participant, creates connection and focusses everyone to look in the right direction.

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Dominique Verleysen
Sales Director, Chemetall
Peter Boodts
Manager, Atmosafe
Joris Heylen
General Manager, Havi