Company culture

Culture eats strategy for breakfast! Corporate culture determines the succes in all change management projects.

The corporate culture is an important guiding framework in which your employees function. If you want to implement changes, you need to take your culture into account because it is the path that will guide your employees.

The atmosphere and culture either stimulates or inhibits the progression of your organization.

Test whether your company culture has a stimulating effect on your employees?


You can identify different dimensions within the culture of an organisation.

The differences are situated in terms of:

  • Clarity of objectives
  • Decision-making processes
  • Room for initiative and self-development
  • Evaluation criteria and focus on performance
  • Dynamics and flexibility of employees
  • Reward packages and structures
  • Talent development and HR management

Ultimately this impacts the effectiveness of an organization and it’s results.


You often know very quickly whether the atmosphere within an organization is good or bad. But working out exactly where this stems from, that is a lot more difficult.

CompanyWise works with Barrett's Cultural Transformation Tools. As Certified CTT Consultants we facilitate the evolution of your organisation. We do this by measuring the culture with an online assessment tool. In one simple picture, find out what is working and not working in your culture.

  • Find out what is important to your people,
  • How they experience the culture now,
  • How they would like to improve it for tomorrow.


Changing an organizational culture is not so easy to do. You have to know exactly what you are doing and work methodically.

After a thorough assessment of the current culture, CompanyWise and your team will work together to draw up a cultural development plan. We will then assist you in the implementation. In this way we are your catalyst in transforming to an optimal development of your organization.

Our roadmap provides a concrete, step by step plan to facilitate the transformation of your company into a thriving, innovative and competitive organisation.


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