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Frieda Janssens

I am Frieda. Nice to meet you!

Inspiring leaders in realizing their ambitions with a leadership style that creates a healthy balance between organisational structure and culture. That provides me energy! By working as a leader in multinationals for more than 30 years, I know how an atmosphere of trust and shared ownership embraces complexity. My strength at CompanyWise? Evolve  your organisation in line with your vision and values. Do you wish to transform your organisation to the next level?

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Kris Ooms

Hello. Kris is the name. 

I am passionate about effectively helping organisations to sharply define where they want to go to and to translate this into practice, all of this with the proper attention to good governance. In doing so, I draw on more than 30 years of experience as an employee in an international company, as a consultant for SMEs and non-profit organisations, as an entrepreneur and board director. In short, an extensive portfolio! If your intention is to get everybody heading in the same direction, I’m here to help.

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Trusted by the following organisations:

SUBSIDIES via KMO-portefeuille

CompanyWise is a licensed service provider for subsidies administered by the SME-Portfolio for training and advice.  For more information go to »

Management Drives

Management Drives Certified Partner. In addition to insight into behaviour, Management Drives also provides an analysis of the cooperation between teams and people and provides concrete tools for improvement. Organizations are able to achieve objectives, teams become more effective and individuals develop leadership.

Barret Values Centre

CTT Certified Partner. Barrett Values Center Cultural Transformation Tools are powerful diagnostic tools for supporting the growth and development of organizations, leaders, teams and individuals.


Senior Consultants Total Workplace Innovation (TWIN). The TWIN canvas from Workitects offers a clear roadmap and a hands-on tool for making informed decisions during the (re)design of organizational structure.

Team Konfrontatie Methode - Zomer & Cornelissen

Certified Facilitator. All voices count: self directing teams with principles of deep democracy and the wisdom of minority.

Lego® Serious Play®

Certified Facilitators. "You get to know someone better by playing for 1 hour than by talking for 1 year." - Plato. This methodology is perfect for 100% participative workshops intended to unravel complex challenges.


With the Certificate Board Effectiveness, CompanyWise supports organizations on their path to good governance. An efficient and professional functioning of the governance bodies leads to better organizations and better organizations contribute to a better world.

Sociocracy 3.0

Certified Practitioners. Sociocracy 3.0 is a coherent way for growing organizational integrity and developing an agile mindset. It reinforces all aspects of collaboration: greater effectiveness, alignment, fulfillment and wellbeing.

SUBSIDIES via Werkbaarheidscheques

Organisations in the profit and social profit sector can claim funds under the workability check. The subsidy amounts to 60% if supported by a registered KMO-Portefeuille service provider like CompanyWise.

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