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Empathy as a competence for connected leadership

Mar 5, 2021

How to become an empathic leader

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8 Reasons why employees leave your organisation

Feb 19, 2021

The effect of poor leadership

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Systems thinking as a competence for holistic leadership

Feb 9, 2021

We live in a VUCA (Volatile-Uncertain-Complex-Ambiguous) world. It means the world around us is constantly changing. If you don't want to go under in the battle of change, you have to focus on resilience and change management. Only then organizations recover quickly in the face of adversity or impairment of any kind.

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Ego as catalyst for good leadership

Jan 22, 2021

Having a strong ego is often seen as a pitfall for good leadership, as you learned in the previous blog post. But what if you use your ego to lift people and organisations to a higher level? What if your ego does not get in the way of your leadership? Then a lot of doors will open. Time to discover how your ego brings you one step closer to good leadership.

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Ego killing good leadership?

Jan 9, 2021

How your ego determines your leadership skills

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