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This section is a collection of answers to questions raised to CompanyWise as transformation guide and game changer. They might be of use for you. We are glad to share!

My colleague takes the credit for my work

What do you do when someone else takes the credit for your work?

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My team hesitates to take decisions

A difficult task for teams is to take decisions themselves. Often, they place the responsibility with the manager. What guidance can you give them?

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The right job interview questions

Job applicants can lead you astray. How can you ensure yourself of making the right choice?

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The 'nothing but good news' show in our organisation no longer dazzles our employees.

Good news can boost your employees.. But what if there's no room for 'real news'?

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Stay or Go?

Deciding whether or not to change jobs is often accompanied by sleepless nights.

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Annual evaluations

December is the time for a review of the year which includes evaluation interviews. Will that be the case in 2020?

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