Selfmanaging teams

Engaged employees are the foundation of successful, self-organizing companies.

Motivated employees who work together to achieve the organisational goals are the dream of every manager. Increased autonomy among employees leads to greater involvement, higher productivity and increased market competitiveness. This also results in reduced absenteeism, fewer work-related accidents and lower staff turnover.

The advantages of self-managing teams
The benefits are clear. What about the pitfalls?
Self-managing teams: Put in to practice.
Evolution to self-managing teams in 6 steps.
Coaching self-managing teams?
A different type of leadership requried.

The advantages of self-managing teams

  • Increased growth due to motivated employees and a more pleasant working environment
  • Teams take faster and better decisions
  • More innovation as team members bring broader perspectives
  • A more market-oriented organizational model because the teams respond with flexibility to customers' demands
  • Employees deal constructively with conflicts and give each other honest feedback
  • Teams make proposals to improve production and processes or take initiative themselves
  • Work gets done fast and with less cost

"If self-management is such a good idea, why do so few organizations do it?"

The requirements:

  • With self-management you create a framework that is clear to the entire team
  • Self-managing teams only work if the team is well formed and the required competencies are present
  • A successful, self-organizing work environment has an open communication culture
  • Mutual competition is out of the question within self-managing teams
  • Introducing self-managing teams requires time and patience
  • The workload in the teams is understoond by the supervisor

Self-managing teams: Put in to practice.

The introduction of self-managing teams must be phased. With our step-by-step plan we offer you:

  • An innovative and open group culture
  • A healthy formation of the teams
  • Training and knowledge in guiding and coaching self-organizing teams

Coaching self-managing teams?

Working with self-managing teams requires a different approach from the leadership team. They learn how to relinquish control and adapt more coaching role. With a structured approach and interactive workshops, CompanyWise guides you to a sustainable partnership within your company.

The result:

  • Each team member understands their contribution to the whole and in the transformation
  • A clear organisational vision and objectives. We monitor the integration of all the teams and their roles in the new structure
  • Clear roles with defined responsibilities, both for the individual and for the team
  • Balanced teams, composed according to talents and competencies
  • Each manager can coach teams and team members so that all talents are used
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