Ego as catalyst for good leadership

Jan 22, 2021
Frieda Janssens

In the footsteps of Gandhi, Roosevelt and Einstein

Having a strong ego is often seen as a pitfall for good leadership, as you learned in the previous blog post. But what if you use your ego to lift people and organisations to a higher level? What if your ego does not get in the way of your leadership? Then a lot of doors will open. Time to discover how your ego brings you one step closer to good leadership.

What made Gandhi, Roosevelt and Einstein rock-solid leaders

Gandhi, Roosevelt and Einstein are perhaps the most influential figures of all time. What are the secrets of their success with their followers? 👉 They see what is going wrong, but don't focus on it. They think with a positive mindset in possibilities rather than deficits.

Gandhi was known for his mental fortitude. A go-getter who wanted to create a world where there was room for everyone's needs, ethics and social responsibility. Which required a huge dose of self-control not to be distracted by resistance.

Roosevelt was known for his optimism and his vision of self-determination in terms of welfare and prosperity. Call him an inspiring visionary who drew strength from the tiniest glimmer of hope for a better life.

Finally, Einstein was a master of perspective and motivation. He could make others discover their potential and how they could develop it further. He was convinced that those pupils would become better masters than their teachers and serve society even better.

The secret of their success

What these leaders have in common is that they develop human potential. They offer their ideas to all, without any exception. The values they pursue are of a higher level and in the interest of the greater good: social commitment, empowerment, trust, connection, tolerance. But above all: they have a strong ego without being stubborn.

Become an equally authentic visionary leader using your ego

Inspired by Gandhi, Roosevelt and Einstein? Then be prepared to work on yourself. It doesn't have to be something big, just something wise. Small things can make a world of difference. Ready? Let's go!

Daily exercise

Take time each evening to reflect on your day. Write down your feelings, this will give you more awareness. And if you've read our previous blogs, you know the difference it makes 😉 . 

  •      Who did you feel connected to today?
  • Who have you been meaningful to today?
  • Who have you said a heartfelt thank you to or given a compliment to? What did you get in return? Does it taste like more?
  • How can you use today's experience to be a better leader tomorrow?

If you take a few minutes every day to think about this, you will feel the difference after just a few weeks. You will gradually become a leader who sets an example and encourages others to think in terms of possibilities.

You will lead an organisation that looks outwards to proactively make a social contribution in addition to an economic one. And you will always be remembered for that.

Looking forward to more exercises to make yourself stronger? We are happy to share them. . 

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