Meaning as a competence for value-driven leadership

Dec 17, 2020
Frieda Janssens

Why values driven leaders are so successful.

  • Are your team members jumping out of bed to go to work? 
  •  Are they going the extra mile?
  •  Are they willing to walk through the fire for you? 

If that's the case, chance are you're a value driven leader. So what exactly does that include, value-driven leadership? We expose the secrets.

What is value driven leadership?

Value drive leaders put well-being before prosperity and experience an inner drive to do what's right rather than do what generates money.

To be clear: organisations have to keep the economy running and should provide our prosperity. However, they can be initiators in 'doing the right thing'. They have the opportunity to develop a whole range of supporters to help spread their vision and improve the world.

We at CompanyWise experienced several situations where value-driven leadership was needed. Clients where everyone worked for themselves and there was no trust between colleagues or management. Read here how we solve such issues.

How do you recognize a value driven leader?

The idea that your organisation contributes more to society than just economically is the basis needed to grow into a value-driven leader.

“The very essence of leadership is that you have to have a vision. You can’t blow an uncertain trumpet.” – Theodore M. Hesburgh

You recognise value-driven leaders by their actions. They...

  • Have a healthy Say-Do balans and expect the same of others. They walk the talk
  • Strive  for external and internal well-being.n
  • Treat colleagues not like replaceable resources, but give them enough space to develop and grow.
  • Focus on forming healthy relations and a righteous culture, rather than money. “Money is an enabler but is not noble."
  • Realise that the courageous aspect of purpose and the impact of activities on meaning and fulfillment can not be bought with money. 

4 effects of  value driven leadership.

1. Happier employees

If you are involved in activities in which you really believe, you experience an extraordinarily high intrinsic motivation and exceptional perseverance as a human being. This strengthens self-confidence and in turn contributes to personal well-being. A compulsory payslip alone cannot compensate for it. 

2. Spontaneous applications

These leaders don't need to look for new employees.  Applicants are knocking on their door. Chances are high they can attract above average competences and can select for the perfect match on organisational culture.

3. Power to mobilise people

These leader have a mobilising talent. They can bring about change. They can create progress. Not with small steps, but with big leaps! 

4. Personnel pulls one string

The incentive to work together is so strong that common goals are prior to individual interests. Trust and team spirit develop naturally.  

Is there a value-driven leader in you? Take the test

You might ask yourself: 'Is there a value-driven leader in me? Well, let's do the test.

  •  Do you inspire others with your vision?
  •  Do you want your organisation to 'give to' as well as 'take from ' society?
  •  Is your contribution to people and planet more important than financial  benefits?  

If you answered 'yes' three times, there is a value-driven leader in you. One the world is waiting for. Time to step forward and show how leadership can be done differently. We will guide you successfully.

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