Dear honest colleague,

gossip at work. It’s a difficult matter. And it can be dangerous.  It’s often a means to express dissatisfaction or to cause harm to others. Do you know that there’s such a thing like the Tall Poppy Syndrome? Taking people with a "better" reputation down to keep your own up.  

Anyway,  I have a very simple tip for you to escape from gossip and even eradicate it for good: the 3 filters from Socrates. These are 3 simple questions you ask when approached:.

1. Is what you tell absolutely true?

2. Is what you tell me something positive? Does it lead to pleasant feelings?

3. Is the information necessary or useful to me?

If the answer is "no" to at least one of these questions, you can decide not to respond. And let the other person know the reason for your choice.

Believe me: this approach is contagious! One month of perseverance and you’ll experience a completely different atmosphere at work.

Good luck!


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