Attention for your teams as a competence for effective leadership.

Nov 19, 2020
Attention for your teams as a competence for effective leadership.

“Winners focus, losers spray”, they say. This is absolutely true! Attentive leaders focus on what they want to achieve and think about how they can support their team(s) in doing so. Is it sometimes difficult for you to be genuinely attentive to your team? We have 4 tips to help you get started right away.

But first we make it clear how you set the direction for your employees. After all, paying attention to your team can only succeed if your business focus is clear. 

Find your focus and set the direction for your employees 

As a leader, by focusing on the things that contribute to the set objectives, you avoid the things that don’t. This is the only way for you and your team to get ahead. Is your current focus on the tasks that are right in front of you? Then perhaps your direction is not determined yet and you will simply be dragged along by the flavor of the day.

We now know that successful leadership starts with a clear focus: here, now and on the future. The rule to success is very simple: make sure you have a clear picture of what you want and ignore everything else. Difficult in our complex, volatile world? How to remain agile and maintain full attention in a society where we feel the need to be accessible anytime and anywhere?

4 tips to keep your focus as a leader

High-performing organisations recognise the effect of distractions. That is why they develop actions that prevent their workflow from being interrupted at any time. Just think of those disturbing snacks from colleagues, micro-managers or impatient clients. We are only too happy to share with you actions to avoid these disruptive factors.

🧭  Focus on values and goals 

It’s easier to make correct decisions with the right goal in mind.  Even more easy when decisions are based on your core values. You find our dedication to values on our blog about courageous leadership. Sensible leadership means taking time for business decisions and for regular reflection. Do you agree?

🧭  Prepare for what’s to come 

Pro-activity is a desired trait for any leader. Incorporating any form of pro-activity into the DNA of your organisation ensures that you can assess what is likely to come. You are less likely to be surprised and you can act on what is really important. Would you like to learn how you can foresee certain ‘still hidden’ changes? Then ‘Who moved my cheese’ by author Spencer Johnson can help. Perhaps a book tip for your wish list? 😉

🧭  Install a zen room in the office

Landscape offices are detrimental for the concentration of your employees. The annoying sound of telephones and talking colleagues form the biggest distractions. Even your home office can be unbearably noisy at times: children playing in the background, pets making it a little too colourful and the lawnmower of the neighbours that seems to be on every day.

A zen room is perfect: your colleagues can occasionally work on tasks that require more concentration, peaceful and quiet. It will be boosting your and your employees' productivity and help them to make well-considered decisions. 

🧭  Beware of your own stress level and that of your employees

An occasional stress peak, such as a deadline, is not too hard to bear. Too many or persistent stress peaks however are the sign of a structural problem. Take ownership by avoiding too much variation in tasks. Make sure that your employees take their breaks and refuel their energy. Lead by example!  Strong leaders are attentive to themselves.

With these tips you already have four actions to get started. With these you can determine your focus and become attentive to the needs of your team. Would you like to grow into a successful leader? Frieda is happy to guide you into the fascinating world of leadership.

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