Covid-19 trilogy. PART 1: After the first shock: leadership pays off!

Apr 17, 2020
Frieda Janssens

Obviously, we are/ were flabbergasted by the FORCED approach we tagged as an attack on our freedom. Not at least for entrepreneurs, this is a serious curtailment, such as a tree that is pruned too much while the roots have all the nutrients necessary to grow.

On the other hand, many entrepreneurs felt a stab at the heart because the economic impact will be large, although not yet fully estimated in volume. Fear is normal, and so is powerlessness. Because in a glance we thunder down the Maslow pyramid. Self-development and ego make place for lack of social contacts, lack of certainties and lack of primary biological needs. No wonder your emotions make you fight, flight or freeze. 

When you run an organization, you know that yielding to stress hormones impacts your employees twofold while everyone would benefit from finding a new balance quickly, between fear and hope, between chaos and structure, between uncertainty and stability. In short: while everyone recovers from the first shock.

When it’s really necessary to remain calm, expressing your leadership pays off!

Covid-19 gives you the opportunity:

- to accept what you cannot change, to work on what you can influence,

- to reflect on the "purpose" of your organization,

- to despite distress, stay true to your ethics and values

- to reflect on the type of leader you want to be in a changing world,

- to clarify your vision for yourself and for your teams,

- to listen differently to your environment: employees, customers and suppliers,

- to evolve sustainably!

The benefits will be demonstrated in new ideas, better decision making, new business models, more involvement, more flow in your organization.

This blog is a warm call for the leaders of the future. Your exemplary behavior determines your future and that of the employees for which you are responsible. Courage and perseverance will be your companion. With our approach you take all necessary steps.

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