Gravity or Attraction?

Sep 7, 2020
Frieda Janssens

In this blog, we would like to talk about a question that CompanyWise regularly dares to ask their customers. A question that makes people reflect on their work motivation for a moment. After all, we spend many years of our life at work, which hopefully we can call meaningful and pleasant.

What keeps you here: Gravity or Attraction?

Too often we come across people who seem to be exhausted, who react negatively or indifferently, but have "simmered" in a siftless situation for years. What makes them stay where they are?

Attracted people have only few problems. They are prepared to go the extra mile if necessary. They jump out of bed to go to work, they think in solutions,  hey learn from mistakes and promote their employer. 

Gravity is the attraction downwards, a feeling of being trapped and not being able to move. Mistakes are seen as failures and people think in problems. Sometimes obstructed employees have physical problems with stomach or back, or suffer from heart palpitations.

The attraction of your work (environment) and motivation will be met under following conditions:

A: AUTONOMY. You are given control and freedom of decision in order to fulfil your role effectively and efficiently.

B: BELONGING. You can work together with colleagues in confidence, and you can identify yourself with the goals and values of the organisation. 

C: COMPETENCIES. You possess the necessary knowledge and skills to perform your job qualitatively.

Autonomy and Competencies are structure-related characteristics, while Belonging strongly refers to the organisational culture. The ABC model proves that structure and culture are inextricably linked. A prime mission of CompanyWise!

Are you stuck? Reflect on your own ABC, or talk to us so that together we can find a way to get yourself moving forward again. Often this can be done internally, while maintaining your familiar working environment. The latter is important because even when things are difficult, colleagues are a reason why people do not explore external opportunities. 

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