Holistic organisations - part 2

Sep 29, 2020
Frieda Janssens
What does CompanyWise's holistic approach entail?

In our previous blog, we advocated the need for a holistic approach.

A competitive, complex and volatile business environment is the reason why organisations need resilience more than ever.

Resilience: the power of body and mind to recover quickly.

Translated to organisations, the body is the structure, the mind is the culture. These 2 are inextricably linked: despite a faulty structure, the right culture can still achieve the objectives. The other way around, however, not!

How investigates, discusses and optimises CompanyWise  both - meaning holistically? The key word is 'connection'.

1/ Connection of all stakeholders.

Holistic means a need to listen to all voices.

We first talk to a cross-section of employees: individually, up, down and throughout the organisation - based on a confidential commitment to support grow and become better. The result is a feedback-based overview of things to keep, develop and let go. The result has both 'hard' and 'soft' points of attention.

2/ Connecting processes with ambitions.

A core team draws the processes considered necessary to fulfil the ambitions. In this challenging exercise we inspire positive, inquisitive thinking, outside the normal frameworks. The outcome is one or more scenarios in combinations of executive, steering, supporting and preparatory tasks. Of course with attention to the necessary information flows that need to be synchronised with the flow of goods and/or services. 

3/ Connecting responsibilities to the common goal.

For each scenario, we discuss how to co-work with a minimum of interdependencies, how to arrive at common decisions or how to use (individual) control options to achieve the collective goal. The outcome is a set of agreements about who bears which responsibilities and how each contributes meaningfully.

4/ Connection of desired attitude with required expertise.

How people feel becomes just as important, or even more important, as how much they know. Resilient teams consist of employees who feel safe and secure. With the tools of the Barrett Values Centre, we measure the current and desired organisational culture. We then close the gap and guide our clients towards a new DNA based on shared desired values. 

How beautiful and at the same time perhaps also very complicated that everything is connected? It shouldn’t be the latter because every decision is in line with its mission and values. The consequences are evolutionary!

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