Meetings In Flow & On Purpose, Blog 2: MEETING CULTURE

Aug 3, 2020
Frieda Janssens
Artful Participation.

Meetings don't have to be extremely painful.

They can be enriching, midst the choice of the right type of meeting and the participation of  members selected tocontribute and/or 'pick up' something from the meeting. 

Our previous blog was dedicated to bringing STRUCTURE to a meeting. This blog pays attention to the conditions for a desired meetingCULTURE.

CompanyWise has excellent experience in meeting according to the principles of Sociocracy. Sociocracy is a form of government based on the equality of individuals. Unlike democracy where the minority has no vote, a decision is made only when there is no longer a predominantly and objectively argued objection to the decision being made. 

Sociocracy 3.0 combines this powerful principle in a message called Artful Participation. The essential question sounds like: is my behaviour currently the most valuable contribution to the effectiveness of our collaboration?

A valuable contribution is, in addition to the job-related skills and autonomy, based on 2 essential conditions in communication: 

1.  Focus on interactions: the influence of your behaviour on others.

What is the purpose of influence? Ensuring that your (arguments) are taken into account. 

a.   Those who do not make themselves heard will find it hard to listen. And those who are not heard will not be taken into account. Maybe you are submissive because you are insecure? The problem is: the quieter you are, the more others can talk in full. Because your attitude evokes other attitude

b.   Those who speak a lot will easily lose connection because they are either too attacking or too leading. Because that attitude, too, evokes other attitude.

2.  Belonging: to be appreciated by others. Belonging is an important condition for a happy life. We’re all social beings. Acceptation is a result of active listening, empathy, the drive to seek collaboration towards a common goal.

By consciously reflecting on the two pillars of contribution and working participatively, interacting and belonging, you can break down your own boundaries and you’re your involvement and ownership.

Do you want to learn how to apply Sociocracy 3.0 in your organization? At CompanyWise 2 certified S 3.0 practitioners will be happy to help you. Contact us!.

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