'The infinite Game' book of Simon Sinek: how do you play the game?

Jun 15, 2020
Frieda Janssens
The infinite game: how do you play the game?

CompanyWise was appointed by an organization to work with their employees on how the work could be done differently. Different means: easier, with more satisfaction and better governance…leading to employees who jump out of bed toe get to work, feel safe and go home in the evening with great satisfaction.

A competitor who also knocked on the door of the customer congratulated on our "victory". But CompanyWise didn’t percieved it as a victory! We were only interested in the needs of the customer. How we could be meaningful with a sustainable solution that can take the company to the next level, and that he can continue after our joint process. The latter is an explicit motivation of CompanyWise: after our support, the world does not stop turning; our customers can then independently apply what we have taught them.

Our way of advising is therefore in line with the principles of the recent book by Simon Sinek, The infinite game.

What is an infinite game? For example: Football is a finite game because everything is fixed: the players and their role, the rules and how they are punished, the time span, and… there is a winner at the end. In an infinite game, not all players are known, the rules are not always fixed, and each player can determine how he plays the game. An endless game is never over, so you can't "win" it. 

Business is an infinite game, at least if you don't think about becoming number 1, making as much profit as possible, expelling your competitors from the market,… but once you have achieved that, life will continue. There is no end unless you are finished as an entrepreneur.

Another customer who had achieved leadership in his industry in 25 years has recently secured the continuity of the company through a strong partnership that allows for additional investments. A reassurance for the managers and the 150 employees that retirement does not mean the end of the company. They also play the endless game!

The infinite game is a book for leaders who get SATISFACTION from contributing to something greater than themselves, something valuable that will last even after the change of guard.

According CompanyWise the most important requirement for leadership in an endless game is COURAGE!

  • The courage to focus on the higher purpose even in difficult times
  • The courage not to give in to impulsive short-term benefits
  • The courage to measure only things that contribute to the strategy
  • The courage to adjust the strategy when the game changes
  • The courage to treat "opponents" with respect
  • The courage to make decisions even if not all information is available
  • The courage to recognize that the greatest limitations lie with themselves
  • The courage to build a culture in their organization where infinite thought prevails
  • The courage to constantly become a better version of themselves
  • The courage to trust employees and to let go of control

Infinite play is a philosophy, an attitude, a way of "being". It is not about winning, nor about the rules of the game.

It's about HOW you play the game and how you pass it on.

How do you play the game? Take our CompanyScan and find out. CompanyScan

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